Here at Health Works Chiropractic – Wellness Center, we are committed to a special vision. We envision a world free of nerve interference, through the correction of vertebral subluxations for the best expression of each person’s human potential. We are committed to serving all people with chiropractic care throughout their lifetime. We acknowledge that vertebral subluxations and interference are a serious insult to the nerve system. We are committed to educating each person to the benefits of chiropractic care for the correction, restoration and maintenance of optimal health throughout their lifetime. Our mission is to serve our community with the highest quality family chiropractic care so that each person may realize their full human potential. We encourage each person to participate in this most important mission called “LIFE”.



We promise to spend time with each patient, no matter how long it takes to determine, fix, or repair the problem. We are not a 3-minute adjustment clinic. We will discuss your problem thoroughly and make sure that you are leave feeling better than when you came into the clinic.
We will take every measure to determine the cause of your pain. Thoroughness is very important to us. Every corner will be checked and no stone will be un-turned. Your optimal health is our first priority.
We have a plethora of services and techniques that is used at our clinic. If there is a particular one that you are accustomed to, let us know and we will accommodate you.
We understand that patients are curious their health and want to understand what is causing their dis-ease. We will explain in detail each of the procedures that is performed in our office so that you don’t leave wondering, “What just happened?”

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