Healthy Back Tips

* Exercise Regularly — This does not have to be anything overly strenuous. Something as simple as a daily walk can make a huge difference.
* Eat A Healthy Diet — Proper nutrients allow the body to repair itself easier
* Maintain Good Posture — Are you sitting up straight as you read this?
* Stretch Your Spine Before And After Sports — This will also help to loosen up the surrounding muscles.
* Don’t Overload Your Backpack Or Purse — Remember to carry it over both shoulders to balance the load (if possible).
* Stretch Your Legs And Back After Each Hour Of Sitting — Whether in a car or at a desk, stretching regularly will help to keep you from tightening up or injuring yourself further.
* Never Cradle The Phone Between Your Neck And Shoulder
* Sleep On Your back Or Side, Not On Your Stomach — This helps to keep your spine in line and reduces the risk of hurting your neck while you sleep.
* Invest In A Good Chair, Pillow And Mattress — When you think about the amount of time you use these things each day, it’s worth it.
* Have Regular Spinal Check-Ups — It’s much easier to prevent a problem than to correct one.

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Dr. Mike Dang D.C. - Chiropractor, & Personal Trainer. Like to fish and an avid soccer player. :)

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