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Dr. Mike Dang D.C. - Chiropractor, & Personal Trainer. Like to fish and an avid soccer player. :)

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Shingles – Get your shots!

What is shingles, and who can get it? Shingles is another name for a condition called “herpes zoster.” It is an infection that results from the reactivation of the same virus that causes chickenpox (the varicella-zoster virus). Shingles causes a painful rash. After you have chickenpox (usually as a child),...
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Chiropractic & Auto Injuries

Auto injuries can be detrimental on the neck and spine. As a result, one can end up with whiplash, sprains/strains and even a concussion. It is import to always get checked out after any auto injury, no matter how minor the accident may seem. Many aches and pains may not...
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Fibromyalgia Management

Fibromyalgia and Exercise If you have fibromyalgia with painful tender points, deep muscle pain, and fatigue, exercise is probably the last thing on your mind. Yet did you know that exercise may be just what the doctor ordered? Whether it’s daily walks, stretching, swimming, yoga, tai chi, or Pilates, low-impact...
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Healthy Back Tips

* Exercise Regularly — This does not have to be anything overly strenuous. Something as simple as a daily walk can make a huge difference. * Eat A Healthy Diet — Proper nutrients allow the body to repair itself easier * Maintain Good Posture — Are you sitting up straight...
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